Activate Your Female Power


Are you ready to be lit up?

Done with feeling like your femaleness is a burden or liability?

Curious about how being female makes you uniquely gifted to be part of the solution?

Then come and join us!

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Like a lotus rising towards the sun, Activate Your Female Power is a movement to restore the sacredness of the female body to the planet. It began with the book, which unfurled into a self-paced, online video program, that then flowered into a 7-month AYFP Facilitator Training, which blossomed into this facilitated, in-person program, where a skilled facilitator guides you through the book in the company of other women. This amazing movement has its own gathering momentum. Can you feel it calling you?

Our 7-Session Facilitated

Activate Your Female Power program

is for…

Conscious, courageous, committed women, ready to join a global network dedicated to living the sacredness of our female bodies, in order to bring healing and balance to ourselves, our communities and Mother Earth.

About the program:

Our sisterhood circle is a 7-session facilitated journey based on Sharon’s book, Activate Your Female Power, where you explore with other women, the mystery, beauty, and absolute wonder of being female. Both in-person and online programs are available. At present, facilitators live in Australia and locations for in-person programs are listed in the facilitator information below. If you live somewhere else in the world, the online version is accessible for you. For information about dates, cost, location and mode of delivery, please browse the Read More section for each facilitator below. Note: all facilitators agree to donate 10% of earnings from the program to organisations that support women or the planet.

During our weekly or fortnightly circles, you’ll experience conversations, activations, and meditations that re-encode your body, so the information you’re learning through the book becomes a truly transformative, embodied experience. Because that’s how women learn best. Through our bodies.

About the book:

Activate Your Female Power is a guided tour of what it means to be born female, so we begin to view the female body with completely fresh eyes.

Chapter by chapter, organ by organ, the inner landscape of femaleness is revealed in a narrative strip-tease that culminates in menstruation as the crowning jewel of the book!

In place of the ‘faulty machine’, we find a sophisticated ecosystem, with its own laws of nature and a blueprint for healthy fertility, pregnancy, birthing, sexuality and menstruation. Hormones become allies and the Blood Mysteries of menarche, birth and menopause, become sacred portals into female power – a theme explored more fully in the sequel book, Following the Menstrual Flow: Through Menarche, Birth and Menopause (coming soon!)

And the most powerful, subversive agenda of the book? As microcosm of Earth’s macrocosm, the female body houses an exceptional form of spiritual power – an embodied womb-knowing that all matter is sacred, that our bodies are holy and that Mother Earth is a divine, living Being. When activated, this embodied knowing becomes a potent form of biological leadership in your everyday life – as a woman, a mother, a partner, worker, friend, colleague. A fierce Mama Bear energy that’s willing to protect Life at any cost. This agenda is our way of tackling the climate emergency, of saying NO! to what destroys Life.

Benefits of the Program:

What you’ll gain from joining us in this movement …

• Detailed knowledge of your beautiful body and its exquisite design.
• Healing practices for trauma, shame, abuse, self-loathing and negative body image.
• Develop an intimate loving connection with your body.
• Transform your relationship with menstruation from aversion to deep love.
• Enhance your sexual pleasure by understanding the divine design.
• Belong to a sisterhood who support one another and have each other’s backs.
• Reframe hormones, menstruation and menopause into spiritual portals.
• Enjoy a reciprocal, rewarding relationship with Mother Earth.
• Awaken your biological leadership and your Mama Bear authority.
• Embody your sacred female power.

About our Facilitators:

Each Activate Your Female Power Facilitator has undergone a rigorous 7-month training program with Dr Sharon Moloney (founder of the movement), assessed and credentialed by academic standards. The training includes in-depth knowledge about fertility, birthing, female sexuality, menstruation and care for Mother Earth.

Facilitators also acquired trauma-informed counselling and space-holding skills specific to these female experiences, so they know how to create a safe container for other women to explore their most sensitive, vulnerable places.

In addition, facilitators have undergone their own deep personal transformation process, in order to embody this knowledge. Each facilitator brings their own unique genius to the program. Check out the descriptions below to get a feel for which one you resonate with the most.

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Who are we?

We are a bunch of luscious, smart, sexy, renegade facilitators who got so turned on by our femaleness that we just had to share the love. Activating our female power has totally transformed our lives and now we can’t wait to share the magic with you!


Lucinda Cooper is a custodian of the Divine Feminine mysteries associated with menstruation, intuition and the exploration into sexual sovereignty. As an accomplished ceremonialist, highly sensitive person and a self-embraced weirdo, she reads the energy of situations and offers suggestions to support based on these resources. From her lived experiences of transforming pain into pleasure associated with the many aspects of being born a female, Lucinda embodies and appreciates the continued journey of being an empowered woman. In her groups she is gracious, warm and passionate. You can register for Lucinda’s group at:

E: lucinda.cooper.ayfp@gmail.com; M: +61 410 413 292.

Location: Albury/Wodonga. In-person & online.

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I see Female-bodied people as Creative, Magical, Sensual, Sexual, Intuitive, Intelligent, Fertile (including but not only with human babies) and Powerful, plus so much more!

We also thrive in healthy Sisterhood, which is something we learn to cultivate together during the course, as we all contribute to the inclusion, safety and vulnerability of creating nourishing ways of being with our fellow Sisters.

From my own experience of hurt around Sisterhood and learning to create this rich resource in my own life, I can confirm that when we celebrate each other and ourselves, we experience genuine happiness and fulfilment.

A lot of what we cover in the 7-week Activate Your Female Power course is information already stored in our Female Bodies, which is awakened and strengthened, as we remember who we truly are. Throughout our time together, we explore potent topics on our reproductive area, hormones, pregnancy, birthing, sexuality, loss, menstruation, the opportunity to find an internal spirituality and our relationship with Earth Mother.

Each class is approximately 2 hours and includes content, as well as time for listening, sharing our thoughts, getting creative, experiencing guided visualisations and brief movement meditations. This is not about perfection. It’s is about finding our personal connection to our Spiritual Power within our Sacred Female Body, as our way of making the World a better place.

One of my greatest truths developed with this journey of Activating My Female Power is that coming home to our Womb Space and Body as Women can open a door to inner healing, more pleasure in our lives and a comforting reliability within – like no other. So be courageous and commit!

My groups are intentionally small with limited spaces, so if you feel called to join me. please email to secure your spot. I would love to have you take part in the Activate Your Female Power 7-week course with me.

Dates and Pricing:

The course is held over 7 weeks with both in person and online options available at different times throughout the year. Please contact me for exact dates of upcoming courses and for further details.

Early bird: $345
Standard rate: $395 to course start date. Payment plans available in some cases, apply via email.

10% of all course fees go back to the community through the following organisations:
o Tree Sisters
o The Ocean Cleanup
o Rainforest Rescue.

For more information, please contact Lucinda:

E: lucinda.cooper.ayfp@gmail.com; M: +61 410 413 292.

Location: Albury/Wodonga. In-person & online.

Lauren Hilton is a custodian of the Divine Feminine associated with the sacrament of birth and the beauty of mothering. In her womb, she holds the heart-space of birthing as an expansion rather than contraction. From lifetimes of going there, she understands the razor’s edge of birth – where pain is transformed into pleasure, ordeal transformed into ecstasy. Lauren embodies the intimate connection between the heart and the womb, with a fierce Mama Bear energy that insists on women being honoured for their sacred birthing. In her groups, she is passionate about supporting women to reclaim their birthright to be sovereign in their amazing life-bearing power. You can register for Lauren’s group at:

E: lauren.hilton.ayfp@gmail.com M: +61 406 423 126

Location: Gold Coast. In-person & online.

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My dearest woman. Perhaps you feel that there is more to being female than you have been told. Maybe you feel whispers that there is a truth lying in the shadows that you can’t quite see.

Well, you’re right.

The world I grew up in told me that being a woman was fraught with pain, shame and inconvenience. The unique female experiences of menstruation, birth and menopause were burdens to suffer through. I knew in my soul that this was not the whole story. So I went searching for one that resonated with my womb and supported my femaleness.

I invite you to join me on a journey of rewriting the story of what it means to be female. Over the course of 7 weeks, we delve into teachings and knowledge about the biology and spirituality of the female body that nourish and renew the feminine spirit. We discover that menstruation is not a curse, pain is not a requirement for birth, and sex is not meant to feel just ‘okay’ or ‘nice enough’. Instead we uncover that being in a female body, in fact, gifts these female experiences to you as portals for transformation, spiritual connection, divine ecstasy and rebirth.

I bring a deep feeling, sensitive heart and an honest, open nature to this work and create a space that allows you to feel comfortable, un-judged and safe to be yourself. In my presence you can speak freely, allow your emotions to flow and know that you are deeply supported as we approach this work in a gentle and respectful manner. During our sessions together, we reconnect with our deep female body wisdom and activate the dormant codes of your innate female power.

My intent is to guide women back home to themselves and ignite the connection between the heart and the womb so that we can stand embodied and sovereign in our life-giving power. Together we can transform the story that to be a woman is to suffer, into a story of love, power, joy, celebration and reverence.

Being female can be a sacred and powerful experience. If this stirs something in your soul, or illuminates the sparks in your bones that already know this to be true, then join me on the journey of activating the female power residing within your body that is yours to claim as a woman.

Dates and Pricing:
The course is held over 7 weeks with both in person and online options available at different times throughout the year. Please contact me for exact dates of upcoming courses and for further details. Likewise for any questions you have about the program I’m more than happy to answer them so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Investment: $395, early bird price of $345. Payment plans are available if necessary, please contact me to discuss this option further.

10% of the proceeds also go to the following organisations to aid the healing of the feminine and our Mama Earth.

For more information, please contact Lauren:

E: lauren.hilton.ayfp@gmail.com M: +61 406 423 126

Location: Gold Coast. In-person & online.

Caitlin Moloney is a custodian of the Divine Feminine energies associated with undoing the knots that bind the spirit and pointing the way out of painful patterns. A trickster with a wicked sense of black humour, her astuteness can send inner tyrants packing. She enjoys nothing more than holding the space for others to dive deep into their shadow, supporting them to see what’s hiding there, and using her sharp mind to spin the story out of the dark and catapult into the light. In her spare time, she is a gifted artist, member of the LGBTQ+ community and a woodland nymph who bewitches life with her beauty. In her groups, Caitlin brings an elegant, fearless presence that inspires courage and moments of insight to enable rich transformation and a return to innocence.

E: caitlin.moloney.ayfp@gmail.com; M: +61 419 894 386

Location: Brisbane. In-person & online.

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As Sharon’s daughter, I was blessed to grow up learning from a very young age about the magic and mystery of being born in a female body – a foundation that stands me in good stead to support women to tap back into the power that resides within the body and the womb.

Synthesising knowledge that works and translating it into a felt sense of transformation, I am passionate about change, both individually and collectively. I hold healing work with deep reverence and recognise that the journey is often scattered with messiness, chaos, brilliance, and the immense beauty of being alive.

Creating safety is vital to deep change and my groups are set up with this in mind. A space where women can come together to learn from the content and each other; to soothe the empty ache and displacement many of us have felt, often secretly, and to uncover the joy and awe of the incredible things our bodies can do. Fall in love with your bleeding, your cyclic nature and turn it into a superpower.

Competition, comparison, and harsh criticism are left at the door. These groups are a sanctuary for you to be nourished, cherished, and turned on by life.

Lifting the veils of illusion about what it means to be a woman in the world, I seek to empower women to wake up from the fog of patriarchy and become beacons of change in their communities.

It is my intent to be part of restoring the balance of masculine and feminine as the way to solving our climate crisis. When we come home to our bodies, we come home to our beautiful planet. Our Earth needs us, more than ever, to be custodians and advocates for life.

I invite all people born in a female body, regardless of their gender orientation, to join me in learning how to harness the incredible power source that resides within us.

Dates and Pricing:
The course is held over 7 weeks with both in person and online options available at different times throughout the year. Please contact me for exact dates of upcoming courses and for further details.

Early bird: $345 
Standard rate: $395 to course start date. Payment plans available in some cases, apply via email.
Partial scholarship due to hardship. Email Caitlin to discuss your situation.

10% of all course fees go back to the community through the following organisations:

  • CAMFED: tackling poverty, inequality and injustice through girls’ education and women’s leadership
  • CARBON8: removing poison from the planet whilst healing the heart of our food chain.
  • WAMINDA: Birthing on Country, providing women and their Aboriginal families an opportunity to belong and receive quality health and well-being support.

For more information, please contact Caitlin:

E: caitlin.moloney.ayfp@gmail.com; M: +61 419 894 386

Location: Brisbane. In-person & online.

Samantha Rose is a custodian of the Divine Feminine associated with the joyful celebration of menstruation as a spiritual playground. After discovering the beauty of being a cycle keeper, she holds the lush red lining of the womb as a holy space. Samantha is a gifted communicator, her detailed spiritual visions bringing symbolic power and beauty into the space. As a way-shower, she transformed the religious repression of female spirituality and sexuality into a shamanic pathway of freedom, restoring herself as an embodied exemplar embedded in the Earth. In her groups, she invites a playful curiosity for women to take the journey of discovery into what it means to be born female. You can register for Samantha’s group at:

E: samantha.rose.ayfp@gmail.com M: +61 432 990 750.

Location: Sunshine Coast. In-person & online.

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“I have begun a journey of self discovery … discovery of something that is changing my life, my experiences, my perceptions, my relationships …. and this discovery is happening somewhere so obvious and so in front of my eyes … I realise I haven’t really been looking … I’ve been avoiding and averting my eyes… from the beauty
and sacredness of …
my female body”

I extend to you an invitation to join me in circle with fellow womben to explore, reclaim and embody our divine femininity – it will change our lives, our relationships and our world!

Join me on a 7 week program to Activate Your Female Power!

Circle is opened with the blessing of Great Spirit and the Divine Feminine with commitments being made from each participant in willingness to learn and to hold each other in high regard and with confidentiality.

Meeting weekly, we explore the incredible biology of the female body in particular the reproductive system. With fresh understandings, we shift gear to delve experientially into the symbology and spirituality of our bodies.

I speak and facilitate with passion and share story as we move through the content and embodiment work week by week. My style is interactive, playful and engaging as I incorporate eye catching visuals, movement, music, and guided meditation. While the program and content are structured, I use my intuition and gentle sensitivity to each participant and the group collectively to remain fluid and flexible in facilitating the AYFP embodiment journey. Emotions are welcome here and I prioritise creating a safe space for spiritual activation to occur by following safe practices and protocols of protection and grounding.

My aim is to guide participants to greater understanding and embodiment of the Divine Feminine through their sacred female bodies. I have many tools, techniques and processes up my sleeve as well as much experience facilitating workshops and teaching.

As an AYFP facilitator, I am committed to this embodiment personally, to hold fellow womben and ancestors with high regard, be taught by the Divine Mother and express the Divine Feminine through my own being.

Join me as we learn about our bodies and get turned on by our femaleness!

Dates and Pricing:

This is a 7 week program, with Sessions 1 and 7 being offered as full-day (lunch included) in person events and the remainder of the program offered via Zoom. Any one unable to attend Sessions 1 & 7 in-person can be beamed in via Zoom. The program begins with an Opening Ceremony + Session 1 offered from my picturesque 5 acre property near Gympie. Accommodation is available here also.

The investment for this invaluable 7 week program is $345.00.
Early Bird Price is available at $295.00.
Exchanges and partial scholarships due to financial hardship for the program can also be arranged. Please contact me to discuss further.

10% of any monies received will be contributed to one or more of the following organisations that are local, support women and Mother Earth and are close to my heart.

  • Share the Dignity (providing menstrual products for women experiencing homelessness in Australia) www.sharethedignity.org.au
  • Erin House Women’s Refuge – Community Action Gympie (Qld’s first refuge house for women fleeing from abuse) www.communityactiongympie.com.au
  • Australian Conservation Foundation – Independent National Environmental Organisation – www.acf.org.au

I look forward to hearing from you and beginning this journey together!
If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

E: samantha.rose.ayfp@gmail.com M: +61 432 990 750.

Location: Sunshine Coast. In-person & online.


Our dream is a global network of 144,000 women, dedicated to living the sacredness of our female bodies, so that male female balance is restored to our planet, and we are living a life that’s heart-centred and rooted in our connection to Mother Earth.

It’s a BIG dream and we can’t do it alone, but we can do it together.

Right now, the world needs our activated female presence as never before. So come and join us! Unleash your sacred female power as a force to contend with!

Call or message any of the facilitator numbers above, or send us an email, so we can warmly welcome you on board!

Much love from all of us.

Photo credit: Amalia Vargas

About Sharon Moloney:

Dr Sharon Moloney, founder of the Institute of Female Empowerment and director of Activate Your Female Power, is a wise woman, Elder and pioneer in women’s spirituality. With a PhD in Female Biology as Sacred, she guides women to find, reclaim and embody their sacred female power. Sharon is a fertility therapist, birth educator, menstruation ambassador & hypnotherapist, as well as an author, speaker, educator and trainer. Before her work in women’s health and spirituality, Sharon was a Benedictine nun. When she left the monastery, she grappled with reproductive health issues that led her to study the female body in depth. This study became a spiritual awakening as she realised her beautiful female body was a pathway to spirit. Now her mission is to share this wisdom with the world.

W: www.sharonmoloney.com

General Enquiries :
E: sharon.moloney.ayfp@gmail.com M +61 437 825 564.

© Sharon Moloney 2021. All rights reserved.